3 signs you should hire an SEO consultant in Sydney

In today’s highly digitised and interconnected world, the best marketing strategies have had to evolve to meet new paradigms of customer interaction and product discovery. Nowadays, every business that wants to be successful needs to implement a digital marketing strategy, and one way to do this is to hire an SEO consultant in Sydney.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the discipline within digital marketing that helps a website to get to the front page of Google by using a mixture of tactics and methodologies that make a business’ web presence friendlier to search engines. As such, there are a number of clear signs that you need to hire an SEO consultant in Sydney to help make your business discoverable online.

Let’s take a look at 3 signs it’s time for you to hire an SEO consultant in Sydney.

1: Your website is buried in the search results

The most direct reason solicit search engine optimisation services is when you notice that your business’ website does not appear on the first page of Google for keyword related to your business. For example, if you sell pet food then you would want to be ranked on the first page of search results for terms like “cat food” or “dog food”.

When you hire an SEO consultant in Sydney, they can help you discover ideal keywords and help create content that connects your website with them. By doing this, Google associates your website with keyword phrases that people are using and your site is more likely to appear higher in the search results.

This is important for obvious reasons, as being on the first page of search results means a user is extremely more likely to visit your website. Studies of internet behaviour strongly indicate that users will often not navigate past the first 2 or 3 search results before making a selection, meaning that website that are lower down the rankings are virtually invisible to organic search traffic.

An SEO consultant in Sydney’s primary goal is to help your website attain a higher ranking so that it’s instantly discoverable by users using your keywords. Since Google is the largest search engine (controlling approx. 95% of market share), SEO consultants in Sydney are always developing new strategies to appease the indexing algorithms that they implement.

2: People are arriving at your site, but leaving shortly after

This is a common issue that many businesses fail to recognise before they have already lost a lot of customers. It’s great to have a large amount of inbound traffic to your site, but if that traffic is leaving or “bouncing” from your domain within a few seconds, then you obviously won’t be converting anyone into sales, and an SEO consultant in Sydney can help you with this problem.

Some of the most common reasons for people to bounce from your site are because it loads too slowly, is difficult to navigate or just looks cheap and unprofessional. When people visit a business website they expect something that’s responsive, easy to use and is aesthetically appealing.

An SEO consultant in Sydney has expertise in tailoring your website’s on-page elements to improve both the look and functionality of the website. As a low bounce rate is a positive metric used by search engines to rank website, your site will also benefit from a rankings boost as more users dwell on your domain for longer periods.

3: Your site isn’t mobile optimised

Ever since Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update in 2015, it’s never been more important for website that want to rank to have a website that translates easily between different viewing formats. If your website looks bad and/or doesn’t function efficiently on mobile devices then you are losing a huge chunk of search traffic you could otherwise be tapping into.

An SEO consultant in Sydney understands the importance of being mobile friendly and more importantly understands how to optimise your site to meet the expected standard.

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