Tips for Determining the Right Injectable Treatment

A good at-home skin care routine will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy, free of blemishes, and attractive looking. However, there will come a point in your life when at-home skin treatments no longer cut it. The problem with at-home skincare treatments is that they only treat the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, the aging process and a variety of other things can affect the deep layers of your skin. Thankfully, injectable treatments have been designed to address problems like wrinkles and the loss of facial volume.

There are two basic types of injectable treatments that can help you improve your appearance and maintain a youthful look. The first injectable treatment is designed to relax the facial muscles. Plastic surgeons in raleigh north carolina will inject just the right muscles in the face in order to treat dynamic wrinkles. Do you have crow’s feet? These are those deep lines that you get at the outer corners of your eyes when you squint. These muscle relaxing injectables will also get rid of the deep lines you have between your eyebrows and on your forehead.

The other type of injectable treatment that is used today is designed to address static wrinkles and a loss of facial volume. Dermal fillers can smooth out wrinkles that are not a result of dynamic facial movements. Do you have smoker’s lines or other wrinkles around your mouth that are there because of sagging skin and a loss of facial volume? A couple of injections of dermal fillers not only provide immediate lift and volume but also offer longer-term benefits since collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other beneficial substances are injected into the skin.

In addition to injectables, there are a wide variety of other completely non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments that can be performed by qualified medical professionals. The idea is to reverse the aging process or help the skin to look as youthful as possible. These treatments are designed to get to the root of the problem, which typically has to do with the deep layers of skin. Unfortunately, this is not something that individuals can treat on their own at home.

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