100 Years Old Message in a Bottle Found in Germany

More than one hundred years ago, George Parker, a scientist of Britain dropped around 1020 bottles of glass in the sea to experiment the working of current in ocean. Now, a bottle that was dropped between 1904 and 1906 came up on a beach in Germany.

It is said that this bottle might be claimed as the oldest bottle with a message ever found. Marianne Winkler, a German lady found this bottle. There were some instructions written inside. She followed them and sent the bottle back to Marine Biological Association of United Kingdom.

Guy Baker, communication officer of the British group said that it was a surprise for all the people. However, the name on postcard, George Parker Bidder revealed it all because he was the former president of this association.

When the members went through the archives, they came to know that the bottle was released in North Sea in starting of 20th century as an experiment.

Guy Baker further said that we thought the bottles have been long lost and will never be found again. However one turned up and who knows how many else there would be. But finding them is bit of an impossible thing.

The scientist wrote instructions in German, Dutch and English and asked the finder of the bottle to send it back with notes stating how, when and where did you find it.

In order to get the postcard, Winkler had to break the glass bottle. This is because the lid of the bottle was impossible to remove. Now, who knows this bottle might turn out to be the oldest bottle with a message in the world.

The world is really full of mystery. From these found bottles to missing flights. Everything makes your existence a little mysterious.

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