3 Reasons Car Washes Are Increasingly Important for Students

Students lead very busy lives because they have to juggle classes, long hours at work, and housework. They find themselves too busy for many common tasks, including laundering linens or washing the car. Students are always in search of a way to save time, money, and labor when trying to complete chores or assignments. Car washes are an incredible resource for students, with three variables contributing to their rising success among this growing demographic.

Most Students Do Not Have a Driveway, a Yard, or Water Access

In order to wash a car at home, the driver requires an area to park their car and a water faucet with a hose. For students who live in an apartment, condo, town-home, or dorm, running water will not be easy to access. In addition, these places likely frown upon washing vehicles within their shared parking lots. Washing a car at home can save the student several dollars, but it’s not always an option.

Car Washes are Convenient, Hands-Free, and Quick

Washing a car by hand can be a messy, time consuming task. It’s also not a good idea to wash a car during the colder months of the year. With a fully automated car wash, the driver can wash his or her car in a matter of minutes without having to lift a finger; other than feeding bills into the payment machine. Going through a car wash is as easy as grabbing a burger in a drive-thru, which is very important for students who are on the go. Frequent car wash maintenance is vital for the site’s success among students, as students will support the most reliable location in order to avoid closures and delays.

Car Washes Are Affordable

Since many people only wash their cars once per month, a car wash is an infrequent, affordable expense. For the cost of a fast food meal, the car can be cleaned in minutes. This is an excellent trade off, considering that it may take a half hour to wash the vehicle by hand. The time saved is worth the price of the car wash alone; however, students don’t have to worry about purchasing and storing buckets, sponges, and cleaners, either.

Car washes are incredibly important services for students. They help them to save time, money, and precious storage space, all of which are hard to come by during this busy stage of life.

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