5 Awesome Tips to Celebrate National Dogs Day

Dogs Day is celebrated on August 26th every year. This is the perfect time for you to celebrate the lovely ball of furs that live with us or around us. The purpose of this occasion is to spread awareness about the mistreated breeds and the stereotypes that have been created amongst the masses about the banned breeds around the country. 

This day is also called as the national dog awareness day. Dogs are the most selfless create out there, and with this day, it is also a motive all the animal lovers to spread awareness about the adoption of abandoned dogs from shelter homes. You can visit here to find more about National Dog Day and its importance. So, if you are also a dog lover and want to make the most out of this day, here is how you can celebrate.

  • Buy Gifts For Your Dogs

Although there should be no special time for you to show your furry friend that they are loved and appreciated, however, on Dogs Day, you can treat your pet to something they love. Buy them gifts such as toys and treats or even whip something up in your kitchen. Let your pooch know that they are appreciated and loved. 

If you don’t want to give them a gift, then take them out for a pampering session at an animal spa nearby. Don’t just treat your pets, go out, and buy small gifts and treats for your friends’, familys, and neighbors’ pets.

  • Take Your Dog On A Trip

Dogs love outdoors. Hence there is nothing better than taking your dog on a short trip. Take them to the park nearby or even the beach or the forest. Going on adventures with your furry friends can be an activity that both of you will enjoy. If you want to go for a long vacation, then there are lots of hotels that have services specially designed for pets.

  • Throw A Party For Your Dog and His Friends

Why celebrate alone when you can gather all your friends and their dogs to celebrate Dog Day? Organize an outdoor party in your backyard or a park and let the dogs enjoy treats and playtime with their mates. Bring in some treats and games, and you are good to go. 

You can also organize an awareness campaign with all the pet lovers and educate the others on the importance of adoption and rid them of the misconceptions they have regarding some dog breeds. These awareness campaigns can be organized at schools to teach young children. Visit to know more about the campaigns and programs related to National Dog Day.

  • Donate Some Necessities At The Animal Shelter

This is just not the day to share happiness with your pet but also with the other dogs living at shelter homes. If you can not adopt them, the least you can do is to help them sustain in the animal shelter. You can donate medical supplies, food, clothes, and other necessities in your nearby shelter. Not only this, but you can also volunteer at your nearest pet shelter in your spare time. 

  •  Adopt A New Pooch

The famous cartoonist Charles Shultz once said, ‘Happiness is a warm puppy,’ and this statement is something everyone will agree with. There is no better time than National Dog Day to bring home a puppy. Visit the animal center and adopt a dog. 

Adopting a puppy on National Dog day symbolizes your support for the entire movement. Also, when you decide to adopt a dog, you should know that it is a huge responsibility and dogs long for companionship and care. So, only adopt when you are ready to commit. 

If you are unable to adopt a pet full time, you can also volunteer to foster them from time to time so that they can get a loving home for the rest of their lives. Before you bring home a puppy, make sure you safely check every corner and know it is suitable for them.

When you celebrate National Dog Day, know that this occasion is all about celebrating different kinds of dogs’ breeds. The message of ‘adopt, not shop’ is the message that you would want to put forward.

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