It was a rainy afternoon 6 years ago when I visited a homeopathic doctor that told me I looked terrible on the inside. She told me I seriously needed to change my diet. That was my first wakeup call of many in connection to food. After that I slowly started thinking more about what I ate but it took time and a lot of effort to change my unhealthy habits.

One of the best things I did in the beginning was reading and watching documentaries about health. But this also got me confused, there are so many ways out there, so what really is the best way?

I still don´t know the answer to that, but lately I have learned a few interesting things. For the past 2 weeks I´ve been eating what is served, not up to me when or what I eat, or even how. In the teacher training we study conscious eating and I want to share with you these five questions that I recently started asking myself before eating a meal:

  1. Am I hungry?Sometimes I eat because I feel like it or because I think I am supposed to eat. I also eat my feelings which is not a good thing (eating when sad, happy etc…) This question is good for me to ask before and while I´m eating a meal!
  2. What am I eating? Where did this food come from? From a factory or a field, close by or far away? Is it generically engineered? And the most important thing: Was there any harming involved in the making of this food? Being conscious of what I eat makes me thankful for the person that planted the seeds for that bowl of rice I am eating right now and more of aware in my choices.
  3. How am I eating?Am I taking time to eat or am I rushing through it? This is a brand new lesson for me, I have been a fast eater for as long as I can remember due to food fights with my family! In my training we eat breakfast slowly and in silence. Sitting there doing nothing except eating, just chewing the food consciously, with no distractions is actually very relaxing. By eating slowly I also need less food and I can actually feel it when I am full!
  4. Where am I eating?I have started to appreciate a clear space around me when I eat and starting to remember to sit in a good posture with a straight spine. A table full of distractions and a hunched back is a recipe for bad digestion. I also think about the sounds around me, are they pleasing and calming?
  5. What am I thinking?Being grateful for the food I am are eating and thinking positively as I consume tells my body that I am are getting something special. Negative thoughts, like “no I shouldn’t be eating this” sends my body the wrong message. Balance is important but hey nobody has the perfect diet. So whatever it is I am eating, I’m going to enjoy it!

These questions have been a really good for me to help me go towards the yogic way, which teaches you to really think of food as energy, to use for recharging not only pleasure. I am not at all perfect in these matters but hey at least im on my way somewhere! Article Source: http://thereisanotherway.org/2014/12/09/16-am-i-hungry/

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