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Design Your Own Website Plan with The Free Website Planning Tool

Website Planning Tool

When it comes to building your own website, have you took the time to plan it all out? Some people approach the idea of building a website without thinking forward about who will visit the site, if they need it at all, and how it will benefit their visitors. With the Free Website Planning tool now available from – ...

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Top Places to Visit on your Vacation in Colombia

If you’re looking for variety, Colombia offers plenty. The South American country has a rich mix of cultures, landscapes, climates, and ethnicities. From the tropical rainforest of the Amazon region to the snow-capped Andean mountains of Los Nevados National Park, Colombia offers everything visitors to South America could want. Cartagena Cartagena is the ideal city in which to start your ...

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Saguaro with Changes

For thousands of years, two spirits have been native to the desert-lands of California and Arizona. One is the Spirit of the Pilgrim; the other is the Spirit of the Guardian. One stretches its arms towards the West in absolute piety; the other stands tall against the Heavens in complete solemnity. One is called the Joshua Tree; the other is ...

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What to Look for in a SPA POS System


Operating a SPA is not easy. There are many things specific for this type of business, so acquiring POS software developed for the management of SPAs can help you be more efficient in your daily operations. When choosing your spa POS system, you have to make sure it includes all features and functionality you need for your business to operate ...

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American Radio Host Makes Death Threat To French-Canadian Publisher


By Vinicius Covas – Nowadays, anyone can have their own radio station and it is already more than clear that it is not always a good thing. Bringing the power of voice to those who do not know what to say can only lead to unpleasant results. On the day of June 5th, the controversial American host, Edward Tyll decided ...

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Get The Best Out Of Your Stockholm Vacation

So you finally got to go on your most anticipated Stockholm walking tour , Sweden and you’re expecting to get the most out of your excursion. If its your first time to visit and you’re wondering about what to accomplish for your own diversion, stress no more! There are a ton of things to do in the place that is ...

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Great Tour In New Orleans For Fans Of American Horror Story

Fans of the popular FX television show American Horror Story who visit New Orleans are discovering a well-kept secret—an unauthorized tour of the show’s film locations in New Orleans’s French Quarter.  People mostly discover the tour through word of mouth.  The tour is unauthorized because the tour guide is not associated with FX Television, Twentieth Century Fox Film or anyone ...

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Why Are Business Directories So Important to the Internet?

The internet is a major driving force for businesses today. In the days of yore, people would flip through phonebooks to help find the business that they were looking for. For advertising sake, these businesses would pay good money to get their ads in the phonebook. Today people are not only just able to just Google whatever type of service ...

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Female Role Models Leading The Charge In Modern Philanthropy


There are many strong women at the forefront of the change that is occurring in the world through philanthropy. It is important that those that find success in life give back to others that are less fortunate. The women below have exemplified what philanthropy means in the modern age. Jennifer Jamilah Douglas-Abubakar Jennifer Jamilah Douglas-Abubakar founded the Gede Foundation, which ...

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