Avoiding a Claim: Staying Safe at Work

Many workplaces are full of potential dangers. From warehouse machinery to the office copy machine, anything can injure an employee as he or she goes about the day. Stay safe by practicing a few common-sense maneuvers. No one wants to file a claim on the job.

Report any Dangerous Issues

Supervisors can’t be everywhere on a job site or within a corporate building. It’s the responsibility of the employees to keep a weathered eye out for any problems. Report any unusual circumstances, such as leaks or machinery overheating, to the managers as soon as possible. You can avoid injuries to yourself and others when attentive employees are on the job. Sensors and alarms can only perform some of the work.

Wear Safety Gear

A simple way to prioritize safety on the job is by wearing the proper gear. Wear fire-resistant clothing, gloves, steel-toed shoes and goggles whenever necessary. Consider the industry that you work in to determine the right gear.

Office workers may not need protective eyewear at their desks, but speaking to a technician in a service center at times might prompt the use of them. An accident can occur in less than a second when the proper gear isn’t worn. Losing eyesight, limb use and other serious injuries are all realities unless safety protocols are always followed.

Discuss Injuries Immediately

At times, an injury occurs with even the best safety records. Report the injury to a manager right away. The manager should point the employee to the proper facilities for medical care. A documented report should follow this situation.

As the injury is dealt with, be aware of any worker’s compensation claim submitted by the employer. You may need to consult a workers comp attorney Portland OR so that your rights are upheld throughout the process.

Research your rights if a worker’s compensation claim becomes a long-term disability. You deserve a fair settlement or payment terms in order to move forward from an injury. Work alongside your lawyer if necessary. Everyone deserves a fair shake in the working world.

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