Boxing Great Inside Fighters

Inside fighting is a style that has always got the crowd and fans enthralled in a big fight. Yes boxing is the sweet science, and tactical nous is necessary to be one of the greats. Yet there is something so entertaining about a guy getting on the inside and breaking his opponents down up close and personal. You usually need great reflexes to work on the inside. Using head movement to get beyond the jab and in close, and great timing and counter punching to take the oppositions shots behind your boxing gloves, and then viscously throw back, Hooks and uppercuts to both the head and body are usually these fighters key punches. Here are a few of our favourite inside fighters of all time.

First up we have Roberto Duran. Counted by many as the most entertaining fighter of all time, the Hagler, Hearns, Duran and Leonard era in the middle weight classes where the golden age of boxing. With a nickname like hands of stone, it is no wonder that so many people feared his viscous inside fighting techniques. The four weight world champ is considered by some to be the greatest lightweight of all time, and his fast spiteful hands, and brawling style where perfectly suited to fighting on the inside. 

Mexicans make great inside fighters. They have the brawling, aggressive never say die mentality that makes them perfect to be adapted for life on the inside. Julio Caesar Chavez Snr. is the perfect example of this. The Mexican had unreal punch power, especially for a man who had climbed through the weight divisions.

Funnily enough his straight right could be considered one of his best punches, but the viscous right and left hook to the body where the real game changers. One punch KO power, and a great chin and will to win, Chavez was involved in some of the greatest fights of all time. He would just stalk opponents relentless and never let up on the offence, happily taking two jabs in the face to deliver a crippling left to the kidneys. Multiple record holder, and simply one of the greatest of all time. 

Finally we have to offer up something from the heavyweight division, and that man is Iron Mike Tyson.

The youngest undisputed heavyweight champion is history had raw power, and aggression but deliver it with a cunning mind. His patented peak-a-boo style offence used sensational head movement to close down the distance between him and much bigger men. In a weight division when so many fighters used range, a good jab and distance to keep opponents at bay, Tyson conquered it by getting on the inside. Power in both hands and a concussive head attack, Tyson had possibly the best left hook in the business. His bolo left, would see him crouch slightly, and then explode from the knees and wrench his body round, unleashing all his weight and force at the opponents. One he had you inside he would not stop, and continue roughing you up and attacking until he got the job done.

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