Bringing Mobility to Your Tool Box: Four Things to Consider Before Buying Casters

Your tool box is a versatile unit capable of handling a variety of equipment large and small, but if it is stationary, the convenience is diminished. A unit that can be moved around the shop or garage is more beneficial because it allows you to take your tools with you. However, while that kind of functionality is useful, you need to make sure that the wheels you install are capable of the performance you need. There is a minimum of four things to consider before buying casters for your tool box.


Tool box wheels can help you maneuver around your shop with ease if the wheels can hold the weight you need. You need to have a reliable estimate of the weight of your full cabinet so that you can buy casters with the appropriate load capacity. For example, if you have a cabinet that weighs 300 lbs., and you buy four casters with capacities of 50 lbs. each then you are short 100 lbs. This means that you will break or wear down your casters quickly.


Additionally, pay attention to any bumps or divots in your garage because these obstacles create an impact that substantially increases the force that your wheels have to manage. For example, a caster that hits a bump at full load capacity can experience an impact that is nearly five times that capacity.


The environmental conditions will also play a role in the type of caster wheels you select for your tool box. If you are in a shop or garage that is consistently humid or experiences a lot of dampness, then you will likely want to buy stainless steel casters.


Lastly, what type of maneuverability are you after? Will your tool chest move along a straight predetermined path, or do you need to be able to move freely in all directions? The answers will determine whether fixed, swivel or a combination of wheels is best.

The type of wheels you install is dependent on your specific circumstances. However, you should understand the capacity, obstacles, environment and desired maneuverability before buying.

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