Choosing the Best Path for You and Your Sobriety Goals

Alcoholism is one of the most under-appreciated and misunderstood of substance abuse issues. Many people who do not struggle with it often think that alcoholics can simply make the decision to stop buying alcohol in order to become sober again. However, the disease is more complicated than that because it encompasses a host of underlying issues that are often beyond the control of alcohol addicts. You may have tried to stop drinking, only to have back slid a few days later. When you are ready to regain control of your life and become sober once again, you may wonder which of the Florida Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs and other rehabilitation services are ideal for your sobriety goals. You can choose from a variety of programs that teach about approaches like Step 11: Spiritual Growth & Development and other methods of achieving sobriety by going online today.

Discovering the Full Impact of Alcohol Dependency

Of course you know that alcohol makes you drunk and even can cause you to black out after a binge. You may not realize, however, the effects it has on your body. Alcohol is made from ingredients like yeast and sugar. These sugary ingredients take their toll on your pancreas and cause you to develop conditions like diabetes. After a few years or even a few months of drinking, you may suffer from high blood glucose and need to start taking insulin injections. You could also develop long-lasting side effects of diabetes like kidney failure and blindness.

Your gall bladder and liver also suffer from your excessive drinking. Over the course of time, your liver may start to fail, and you may develop an illness called cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can be fatal, particularly if you develop liver cancer or hepatitis. Many chronic drinkers die from cirrhosis each year.

Finally, alcoholism takes its toll on your finances and family. Your loved ones must stand by and watch you drink through your paychecks and putting your habit over your children and spouse. You may get behind on bills and have to borrow money from family members or friends. You may become untrustworthy and even someone that your family wants to avoid altogether.

Choosing the Right Recovery Program

Watching those closest to you alienate you because of your addiction can be devastating, as devastating as watching your own health deteriorate. When you want to regain some control over your life and once again start to live soberly, you can go online to learn more about the recovery programs available to you.

You may be a good candidate for a residential program in which you check yourself into and live for a certain amount of time in the facility. During the time that you are in the program, you will work with a host of healthcare professionals who will treat you physically, emotionally, and mentally to help you overcome your addiction.

You also may be a good candidate for outpatient services if you have a good support system at home and you can demonstrate logical coping mechanisms for your addiction. Even during outpatient care, however, you will still be assigned a team of medical and therapeutic professionals who will monitor your progress.

Learning More

When you go online, you can find out more about these and other recovery options available to you in the state. The website allows you to do much of the research into the services yourself. However, if you want more information, you can fill out the online form or call the contact number listed online. Someone from the company can contact you and answer your specific questions about how to get started on the path to recovery.

You can also read the blog online to find out more about the programs, addiction, and recovery services. The blog is updated regularly and contains posts from which you may derive inspiration and motivation. You can find out that you are not alone in the effort to maintain sobriety and that alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people each year.

Mainstream society accepts drinking and partying to excess. Many people see nothing wrong with having drinks with friends or even drinking to the point of passing out. As innocent as partying and drinking in excess may seem, however, it can lead to a serious dependency on alcohol. You can start on the path to recovery, learn why alcohol is so bad for your body, and reclaim sobriety by going online today.


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