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DWI: When Do You Need To Hire An Attorney?

Every year, there are nearly a million people who are arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Unfortunately, a vast majority of these individuals neglect to contact a good DWI lawyer. There are even those who choose to plead guilty without any expert advice.

Although state laws, penalties and fines for DWI vary, in Minnesota, this is often considered a serious offense. For instance, transporting children while driving drunk or driving at high speeds, especially for repeat offenders, could result in jail time.

Despite how common driving while intoxicated may seem, it is an act that may put many lives at risk. If you have many unanswered questions or are simply wondering if you need an attorney, read on to find out more

When You May Not Need an Attorney

Getting involved in a DWI offense for the first time, where there were no injuries may not necessitate the assistance of an attorney. This is because you will probably plead guilty or no contest then be subject to a standard sentence.

However, if you had a high alcohol limit (0.08 is the limit in all states), with strong evidence that points to erratic driving, slurred speech or strong smell of alcohol on breath, then you may be convicted. In such cases, you may require legal assistance. An attorney will clear up any doubts that may exist about the case.

When You Need To Hire an Attorney

Apart from a serious first DWI offense, there are other serious instances where an attorney will be highly useful. These include:

Offering Expert Opinions

Once you get charged with a DWI, it is normal to form opinions about the strength or weaknesses of your case. An experienced DWI attorney will shed light on your situation. They will let you know if you have missed out on any important details or have got the assessment right. Either way, getting an expert opinion is always useful. You will end up getting good advice or counsel that could affect the outcome of your case.

Sentence bargaining

Although you may not necessarily need a DWI attorney to plead guilty, you will absolutely need to help of one when bargaining for a lesser sentence. A guilty plea can result in a long period of incarceration especially where an injury or death has occurred, you will want to only plead guilty if you know what the sentence will be. An attorney will always ensure that you are well informed.

Second offenses

If you have had a previous DWI offense and are pleading guilty to your second one, you will require the assistance of a DWI attorney. Do not be too concerned about the costs as most attorneys will work with you and offer discounts or credit payments plans.

When You’re Unsure…

If you are thinking of a guilty plea but are uncertain about it, a good DWI attorney will defend and advise you. They may be able to acquire a reduction charge, as such, avoiding any serious charges.


Granted, there are many public defenders that may be available to take on your case. However, beware that they are handling many other cases and may not devote as much time to your case as a private attorney would. If you need help, visit www.LeversonBudke.com/Minnesota-Legal-Services/MN-DWI-Lawyer/ and get advice from highly qualified lawyers about your DWI case. We are ready to help!

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