Female Role Models Leading The Charge In Modern Philanthropy

There are many strong women at the forefront of the change that is occurring in the world through philanthropy. It is important that those that find success in life give back to others that are less fortunate. The women below have exemplified what philanthropy means in the modern age.

Jennifer Jamilah Douglas-Abubakar

Jennifer Jamilah Douglas-Abubakar founded the Gede Foundation, which has helped fight HIV and AIDS in Nigeria and surrounding areas for many years. The Gede Foundation offers a total treatment approach that can be hard to find in Africa. Most people do not realize just how much stigma and shame is associated with the disease in the region. This leads many people to avoid seeking treatment until the disease is advanced. Gede offers counselling services as well as clinical treatments and educational programs that can help people learn how to avoid transmitting or acquiring the virus. This issue was close to Jennifer as she is from Nigeria and saw just how much people in her community were struggling with this epidemic health issue.

Melinda Gates

With the help of her husband Bill, Melinda formed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their goal is to help disadvantaged people rise above poverty and improve their lives. They offer grants to a wide variety of other charitable and relief organizations that share a common goal with them. Grants are awarded annually to many people. The organization has grown considerably, and Melinda has played a leading role in making it what it is today. A lot of medical research has been achieved due to grants made possible by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This research has led to less expensive treatments for diseases becoming available to those that formerly had no access.

Jennifer Lopez

While most of us know Jennifer for her appearance in films such as Selena and the powerful singing voice that took her to the top of the charts, she is also a philanthropist. Jennifer and her sister formed the Lopez Family Foundation to help women and children all over the world find better opportunities and lead better lives. She also works with the Boys & Girls Club of America. One of the main focuses of the Lopez Family Foundation is to provide better educational and health care services to women and children. One of the current projects is improving pediatric medicine in Puerto Rico.

Continuing the trend

It is important that girls growing up today see what they can do if they are determined and hardworking. At the same time, it is equally important that they do not lose sight of the fact that there are many people that are less fortunate, even if they are working hard in life. Philanthropy can come in many forms. Even those that do not have a lot can volunteer time at a charity or other organization. Visiting elderly people in the community can improve their lives. Philanthropy should be taught to everyone. The earlier people learn to give back to others, the more likely it is that they will continue the tradition.

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