Finding the Right Drug Rehab Treatment Facility

Choosing the right short term drug rehab facility can be a daunting task. How do you know which one to choose? The news has recently reported that patient abuse and fraud are occurring quite frequently within this sector. The problem has escalated to the point that some senators are sponsoring a bill that would let the government regulate these facilities. Before selecting a residential drug treatment facility for yourself or a loved one, here are a few things you should consider.

How Long is the Treatment Time?

Different facilities offer a minimum treatment time. Some are thirty days, while others may offer a ninety day or longer program. Although many people believe they can handle “kicking the habit” by themselves, this can be dangerous. When you enter a treatment facility it is important that you stay the recommended time to ensure that you are on the road to recovery. Leaving before you are ready could have serious consequences.

When entering a treatment facility, you will have professional help to overcome your addiction. Removing yourself from situations that are conducive to your particular problem is essential. This is another reason an all-around plan is necessary to help. Learning to cope in addition to saying no is extremely important. It takes time to implement a plan that covers everything you will need to recover.

Will My Insurance Cover Treatment?

Private insurance may pay the costs of the treatment, but you will need to find out how long it is covered. There may be deductibles or co-pays that the patient will have to cover out-of-pocket. Some types of insurance are required to pay for certain treatments including mental health and addiction.

Short-term disability may cover treatment. It will depend on the type of policy. When seeking treatment for an addiction that is the result of treatment for a medical problem, some insurance companies will cover the cost. It may also pay for a recovery program for alcohol addiction.

Does the Facility Offer Treatment for Men and Women?

Some facilities are only for women or men. Others have separate programs for both. Although men and women experience the same effects of addiction, there are many differences. Most of the time women are more apt to seek help for addiction. Most men are reluctant to admit that they need help. Women often suffer from other disorders as a result of the addiction. In addition, women generally develop addictions more frequently than men.

Qualifications and Condition of the Facility

The Benefits of short term drug rehab are many, but you will want to know about qualifications and conditions of the facility. A compassionate and caring setting is important to recovery. How are patients treated? If you are seeking a facility for your child, you will want to know they are being treated with the utmost care in a professional and safe environment. What treatments are used to aid in recovery? Do patients have individual counseling and group therapy?

In many instances, drug treatments have included the use of methods that may not be condoned by family members. This could include the substitution of other drugs for the one they are addicted to or even electric shock. It is very important to understand what therapies will be used to treat your loved one. Many facilities use a combination including holistic, individual, family, and cognitive behavioral therapies. Addressing everything related to the addiction is helpful during the recovery process.

What Success Recovery Means

What are the expectations of the facility for continued success? Many believe that just completing the required amount of days is sufficient. Others know that many people need continued support. Addiction was previously thought to be preventable if people were strong enough to just say no.

Scientific research has shown addiction is a medical disorder. It can change behavior by affecting the brain. The environment can increase risk as can genetics. As a result of these findings, many recovery facilities know that it is important to implement a strategy that helps patients stay sober and build the support system needed. Choosing a facility that provides a plan for success will increase the chances your loved one will maintain sobriety.

It is also important to note the difference between treatment programs. An inpatient rehab can often be more beneficial than an outpatient option. An outpatient rehab is only part-time. The addicted person continues to go wherever they like. This can be detrimental to their recovery because many times they end up back in situations that contribute to drug use.

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