Five Things to Look for in a Quality Veterinarian’s Office

Are you looking for a new veterinarian to care for your feline? If so, you’ll probably find a lot of options by making just a quick search online. But, how can you determine whether you’ve found a quality vet? Checkout five tips to look for as you visit various vet’s offices to find the perfect professional to care for your cat.

A Pet-Friendly Environment

Some vet’s offices are more pet-friendly than others. Make a quick stop at a vet’s office to see if there is a quiet place in the waiting room where you can hold your cat. Not surprisingly, sometimes cats get nervous when they travel to the vet. So, you want to go with a vet who understands this and provides you with a quiet place to sit and calm your pet. Other signs of a pet-friendly office include: treats available to pets, an outdoor area where you can go if the waiting room is crowded and a place where you can get water for your pet.

A Helpful Staff

The office of a quality vet has helpful staff members who are glad you and your cat are there! The reception area should be neat and organized. You should be greeted by the receptionist and seen as quickly as possible by the vet. If you have any questions, the staff should be more than happy to answer them. This should be true whether you ask questions in-person or call the office. All of these signs indicate that you are working with a quality vet dedicated to helping your cat and all of his or her other patients.

A Clean Examination Room

The examination room of a vet’s office is where your cat’s weight and blood pressure are taken. Also, this is where the vet checks your cat’s eyes, ears, stomach and other parts of its body. Though the examination room at a vet is a busy place, it should be kept free of hair and other mess made by the dog or cat seen before you. Is the floor swept? Is the exam table free of dirt and other debris? A clean exam room is definitely a hallmark of a quality vet’s office.

Timely Service

When you arrive for your appointment with your cat, the vet should see you in a timely way. This shows you that the vet is professional and respectful of your time. If you need a medication for your cat, a quality vet will have it on hand or give you information as to how to get the medicine. For instance, the vet may advise you to shop for cat worming products at vet products direct so you can get exactly what your cat needs. Either way, a quality vet will make sure your cat has what it needs to maintain good health.

Emergency Hours

Unfortunately, cats can suffer a lot of injuries. If your cat is hit by a car or attacked by another animal, you need to know that you can see a vet right away. A quality vet has emergency hours, so you can bring your cat in and have it attended to without delay. Some vets are open 24 hours during various times of the year. Hopefully, you won’t need to take advantage of those emergency hours. But, it’s nice to know they are available if you need to take your cat in for immediate treatment.

Lastly, a quality vet will truly care about your cat’s well-being throughout its life. This professional will take the time to put your cat at ease before examining it and talk to it to make it feel comfortable. In many cases, you can tell whether you are dealing with a quality vet by the way he or she interacts with your cat.

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