Fulfill your lifestyle needs with UTI Mid Cap Fund

Fulfill your lifestyle needs with UTI Mid Cap Fund

UTI Mid Cap Fund G aims primarily to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in equities and equity-related securities of mid-cap companies. However, there can be no certainty or guarantee that the investment objective of the scheme will be met.

This fund has higher volatility (fluctuations) relative to other equity funds, but it can provide better returns. Invest in this fund to produce the best results for an investment horizon of at least five years.

Long term goals such as ideal for retirement, schooling for children, seed funds for own startups. Do not look at the short-term returns of those assets.

UTI Mid Cap Fund G Aim

UTI Mutual Fund has designed a useful midcap G plan to meet the growing needs of investors. Through providing capital appreciation, UTI Midcap Fund Growth aims to achieve financial targets. As an investor, if you want to earn a good corpus in the future and fulfill your lifestyle needs, then you must opt for the top UTI Midcap Fund-Growth scheme to invest your hard-earned money.

UTI Midcap Fund-GrowthFund %

  • 95.73% investment in Indian stocks 
  • 5.11% is in large-cap stocks
  • 66.65% is in mid-cap stocks
  • 19.99% in small-cap stocks.

UTI Mid Cap Fund performance

With a 10-year return of 16.5%, both segments were outperformed by the average (13.9%) and benchmark index (12.1%) funds.

The fund has easily outpaced both index and category averages over the past decade.

If you redeem (0-1) years between units, the exit load is 1.0%. Exit load will not charge if redeemed after one year.

This scheme is ideal for investors searching for long-term capital growth. Investment in Mid Cap Equity Instruments.

UTI Mid Cap Fund is a moderately High Leve of the scheme.

Investors have been waiting for at least 3-4 years to invest money and expect high returns. Such creditors should also be prepared for the possibility of significant losses in their portfolios at the same time.

What do you think you should buy UTI Mid Cap Fund?

It is a true-to-label mid-cap fund with an emphasis on stories of a turnaround. It recognizes businesses that experience slower growth in earnings than their actual capacity. The objective is to find stocks with favorable risk-reward profiles and ride their earnings recovery.

The fund is entirely agnostic to value and increase with a price-up process, even though it retains some value shares due to their growth potential. The portfolio under the current manager was raised from 100-plus to about 65 stocks, allowing for significant positions in high-confidence bets. However, in recent years, the fund has been weak during a rally, primarily driven by growth and momentum, now has a good track record.

Note: Investors need to know where fund managers invest their money. The asset allocation of the top-performing utility UTI midcap Fund G Scheme reveals their potential for higher yields. The scheme system has a substantial allocation of capital to equity shares of midcap companies.

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