Good Eats to Enjoy with Your Friends Outside This Summer

With warm weather on its way, it is time to start thinking about outdoor get togethers. Whether it is a neighborhood picnic, a birthday party, or just an afternoon with friends, food and drinks are usually at the center of all the fun. There are many types of food that go well with the outdoors, and wings are one of them. Although many people picture wings and football games as the perfect combination, wings are a tasty addition to any outside event. When you do not feel like grilling or making anything, look for wing delivery near me and get the party started.

Beers That Pair Well with Chicken Wings

Beer is a popular adult beverage that is the perfect complement to both hanging outside and chicken wings. The coolness of beer helps tame the heat of the spicier wing varieties, and beer also enhances the flavor of wings such as honey chipotle. Ideally, you can drink whichever beer you like as you eat your wings, but if you want the perfect combinations, the following are good beer and wing pairings:

  • Buffalo hot wings and India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • BBQ wings and Berliner Weisse beer
  • Honey chipotle wings and a brown or honey lager
  • Terriyaki wings and a Belgian witbier

As an idea for a fun outdoor get together, gather up your friends and have everyone bring a different style of beer. Search for chicken wings near me and order a variety of flavors. Then spend the afternoon sampling wings and different beers to come up with your favorite combination.

Best Dipping Sauces to Have with Your Wings

Because chicken wings are traditionally messy, eating them outdoors is perfect. Along with choosing the sauce for the wings themselves, you also can decide which dipping sauce you want to accompany them. Although there is no set rule on what sauce has to be served with which wings, there are some classic combinations.

For the traditional hot buffalo wings, blue cheese and ranch dressings are popular for dipping. They both provide a nice coolness that helps counteract the spiciness of the wings. That is also why many buffalo wings are served with celery and carrot sticks.

For BBQ wings, ranch works well, as does sriracha or a garlic parmesan dipping sauce. For honey chipotle wings, try dipping them into mustard or sweet and sour sauce. If you are serving teriyaki wings, a hot mango or pineapple dipping sauce is a good accompaniment.

Some people prefer their wings unsauced. If that is the case, the dipping sauce choices are unlimited. You can have a variety of them so people can try them all.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Parties This Summer

Getting together with friends and neighbours is one of the highlights of summer. Whether you choose to grill steaks and chicken, have a potluck, order pizza, or order bbq wings near me, the options for food are endless. Fill a cooler with your favorite beverages, grab a football for an afternoon game, and enjoy good food and laughs with friends while the weather is nice.

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