Gremoorels It safe to Use Prohormones

As with most types of supplements, there is a concern among people regarding pro-hormones; specifically their legality and safety of usage. Not only are many people unsure as to whether it is considered legal to use prohormones, but they are not entirely clear with regards to whether these supplements are safe to use or not. If you find yourself pondering over these questions, read on to find out the truth about pro-hormones.

Are pro-hormones legal?

To put it simply, pro-hormones are legally available across the globe. Yes, there have been certain types of compounds that have been banned by authorities in various countries, but those are primarily the old-school compounds that were methylated. Such compounds were extremely hard to break down, thereby causing the liver to exert itself significantly, which led to a dangerous increase in liver enzymes and the possibility of liver toxicity. However, the pro-hormones that are available today are not methylated, at least the legally available ones, which is why, for the healthy athlete, stress placed on the liver is minimal.

Some people associate pro-hormones with powerful steroids as they seem to deliver the same results. One of the biggest differences between pro-hormones and anabolic steroids is the fact that pro-hormones are legal while steroids are not.

Is usage of pro-hormones considered safe?

As far as safety of pro-hormones is concerned, it is important to remember that pro-hormones increase the production of hormones that are already found in the human body and are therefore considered safe. Yes, you do need to be cautious not to overdo the pro-hormones and to take them as advised so that you can enjoy their benefits without suffering from the negative effects of over-usage.

A normal cycle of pro-hormones should also always be followed by post cycle therapy, which enables your body to find the balance that it needs for optimal well-being. If you increase the pro-hormone cycle to achieve bigger muscles or to make your body even leaner, that is when you could be heading for trouble.

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