Corporate Magician

Hiring A Corporate Magician & Mentalist From Scott Xavier

Hiring a corporate magician & mentalist can give your business an unfair advantage to stand out and impact your guests. From cocktail functions to trade shows, how do you set your corporate event apart?

Scott Xavier is the name Fortune 500 meeting planners call upon to excite events. From reading minds to levitating small objects from your hand, reality melts away!

Kellogg’s hires Xavier everyone they have a plant managers meeting and take a unique entertainment to excite their high end execs!

London Corporate Mentalist & Corporate Magician for Company Event entertainment

The UK is known for fine and exquisite top quality entertainment!

From Edinburgh to London, when you are looking for unforgettable interactive corporate entertainment or private party events, you deserve to get the best interactive and comedy filled London mentalist & magician for your guests and employees. Having won several awards for having the BEST interactive magic & mentalism show, you can rest assured that your party will be the talk of your guests lives.


Whether you are looking to produce a CEO on stage in a magical way or have your cocktail guests minds read, London mentalist & magician Scott Xavier is the solution to creating truly amazing events. From defining the serial number of a borrowed bill to melting signed borrowed coins from the pockets of your trade show both guests, you have found that truly unique London magician to tie your brand in with magical memories.

From unforgettable corporate sales seminars and meetings to interactive fast paced trade shows, London magician & corporate mentalist Scott Xavier is thso perfect solution for meeting planners and event planners who are looking leave their international events with unforgettable sleight of hand and sleight mind illusions.

London Mentalist Scott Xavier travels internationally and also is a regular performer exclusive venues such as:

The Magic Circle, London – Illusions Magic Bar, Bristol United kingdom.

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