History Of Crosswords Published In The New York Times

If we look back in the history of crosswords published in the New York Times it is way back starting from 1942, although the crosswords have got the recognition in the 1920s. These crosswords are submitted by freelancers according to the instructions given by the New York Times online and also the people who are interested in submission can also write to the newspaper directly for the process. The selection is done between the submissions of the freelancers. The difficulty level of these crosswords depends on upon the days of the release of the New York Time. On some days they are quite difficult and only cater to advanced and experienced crossword solvers whereas on the other days it is quite easy to cater the others who are beginners or at the starter platform. By this methodology, these crosswords cater to everyone in the world so that nobody will feel they are left alone. Since 1993, Will Shortz see the crosswords section of the newspaper and do the editing of the same.

The crosswords have gained the popularity that even the children’s knows about and discuss the same with peers. Some of the schools and colleges also use the crosswords of the New York Times as a benchmark in competitions and motivate their students to solve the same on a daily basis. Crosswords do not just play for fun and played by the people who are working or kids rather they attract lots of attention from the people who are sitting at home like housewives or old age people who are suffering from some disease or who can’t go out. Crosswords are just like a part of their life, some love to start their life with them and end up comparing their score with their peers and groups. These crosswords are also a point of discussion in the social groups and people loves to tweet about their favorite New York Times crosswords.


The Crosswords today is undoubtedly a very crucial part of the New York Times and the audiences love to see them and for some, they are like their sunshine. Some kids have grown while playing them by observing their grandfather and parents playing the same and for some, it is like exploring a new world. The New York Times from century has crossed its audiences and reached into the crowd who loves to read from them. The newspaper has received the world recognition and since its digitalization, it has reached to masses like anything. The New York Times crosswords are one of the much talked about crosswords in any of the newspapers and although it gets a small space in the newspaper, but it has been mentioned by many of the biggies in their statements about their experiences with the crosswords.

Like the former president of the USA Bill Clinton has mentioned their experiences with crosswords in many of his interviews. Crosswords in New York Times has been very much a part of the reader’s life and best part with them is they are never the same. The Will Shortz keeps on innovating the style of crosswords, their layout size of the squares which differs on the Sunday reviews as compared to the standard ones and the number of clues provided in the crosswords. This kind of changes in the crosswords amuses the daily players and interest them and also gives them a reason to play them. But as  per their policy, these crosswords are created by the readers only, so it’s a great thing when people from the masses can contribute their love to the crosswords and reach out to the people over the countries and globally. So, let’s give a tribute to the one of the best Newspaper initiative and to the people who has brought them to this PINNACLE!!!!!

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