How Does Nat Geo Make Such Beautiful Productions

We cannot deny, our world is one beautiful place, in which we are lucky to be a part of. I admit, there are some compelling landmarks made by humans that will remain wonders of the world for centuries to come. But nothing can come close to the natural landmarks we see (or maybe don’t see) on our globe.

I don’t think most of us have the opportunity to drop our day jobs and explore these wonders on our own, but thanks to technology, we have an up-close view of the most mysterious and fabulous places that are hidden on our home which we call earth.

National Geographic (NGS), based in Washington, D.C., US, is one of the largest – if not the largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations in the world. Founded in 1888, it specializes in geography, archaeology, and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of our beautiful world. They are basically the foundation of the documentary world.

Alongside gorgeous photos – displayed daily. Nat Geo conducts documentaries and live streams streamed on their channels on TV. But of course, the complication with this is how we are going to capture this beautiful world through the camera lens. How on earth does Nat Geo bring the Amazon Rainforest to your living room?

The contradicting factor in this situation is that a camera is anything but natural, we stereotypically see media as a lean away from our natural world, when in fact, it can open our eyes, make us more aware of the things we couldn’t even see.

Keeping this in mind, Nat Geo trusted Evolve Studio with capturing the essence of our great planet. With their cinematic and inspirational reputation, Evolve Studio had a huge task at hand, not only battling the stereotype of, ‘A camera cannot catch such beauty’, but the first ever big break they had experienced, they will go to the ends of the earth (Literally), to make this perfect. Of course, looking at their recent work, they’ve done this before. Their sleek flair made it look like their new project was going to be easy, but was it?

The traveling filmmaker road trip really focused to get tactical about moving gear, setup time, possibility of pulling off high-end National Geographic quality, and using only what they could carry. They developed unique camera builds and tech support systems. Which made them push the limit of how many scenes and setups they could produce in a given day, or in a multiple day road adventure. The contrast of shots between vast grassland and busy New York City streets plays on the idea of mystery, there is so much we haven’t seen yet, collectively, there are so many mysteries on our planet earth.

National Geographic worked with Evolve Studio to develop amazing and insightful videos, magazines, and online journals that have been seen and used around the world and in thousands of classrooms. And it makes you question if they can pull off something as amazing as this, what’s next?

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