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How to Get a Video Game Trademarked

The name of your video game is one of the major things you must protect following the development of the game. Registering the video game name with a trademark protects its distinct identity – an indicator that the game is your product. A trademark registration also ensures that no one can infringe on your rights and syphon your profits by selling a video game that is similar to yours. This protects your earnings from the product in the long run. How can you get your video game trademarked?

Create a Unique Product Name

You want to avoid making use of generic or descriptive names for your video game. Names such as those people offering similar service will easily come up with may already be in use. In order to ensure your video game name stays original, a surefire way is to invent a name. Suggestive names from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) could also be used to get ideas for your product name rather than making use of descriptive names.

Hire an Attorney

Whether you are experienced with the trademark process or you are a first timer, hiring a trademark attorney is a great decision. A video game lawyer will know how to get a video game trademarked correctly. Since they have access to research tools that are just as strong as those at the office of the examining attorney at the USTPO, your video game will be assessed for viability and uniqueness.

Their vast experience in handling trademark processes would be vital as they help you navigate through any potential bumps you may encounter along the way. Accuracy and efficiency are important to the success of your application. As such, hiring a trademark attorney will be helpful in ensuring you cover any loopholes before your application is submitted.

Submit a Trademark Application at the USPTO

Before you can successfully trademark your video game, you must ensure all requirements with the USPTO are met completely. Details such as the owner of the mark, a legal description of the products that the trademark protects, the date when the use of the trademark would commence, and an address to which the trademark office can send correspondence (this address is usually that of an attorney if you hired one). Being meticulous at this stage is crucial to the success of your trademark application. An error may lead to a delay of the process or even an outright rejection.

Once your video game has been trademarked, you can let the public know by using the enclosed “R” next to the product name. While the application is pending you can make use of “TM” or “SM” next to your product name as you take steps to ensure your mark is protected. Also remember that there is a need for renewing your video game name periodically. When you trademark your video game name and take steps to protect it, you would enjoy the benefits that come from original craft – full protection of your idea and stronger marketing value.

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