How to Manage a Project

Are you assigned a new project that could be a breakthrough for your career and you are worrying about how you can give your best? Managing a project requires a lot of insight and effort. You don’t only need to launch the project but you also have to carry it out properly by taking care of every aspect of the project. This article is going to guide you how you can plan out a project and work on it from the start to finish in order to have an exceptional outcome.

“Management is an art, a science and a skill, with some of the competencies and abilities that distinguish a person from others.”

This quotation is coming from an article written by Moosa Banajah, who has a degree in the field of Industrial engineering and a successful professional has a good experience in a variety of fields including management consultation, leadership, motivation, Information Technology, training, and human development. He is a Certified Consultant in Organizational Alignment, Agility and Customer Value who has worked recently as a General Manager in the Human Resource Department in one of the leading Middle East companies. The quotation explains the immensity of the responsibilities and demands that managing a project requires.

Now, let’s move to the steps that you should take in order to run a project efficiently.

Plan Your Project

To keep your project organized, you must plan everything at the initial stage. You should think about all the aspects of the project including your objectives and goals, criteria for yielding the output, and evaluation of required input. You need to think of everything in the very beginning so that everything will run in order and there will not be any confusion in the future.

Here comes another useful advice from Moosa Banajah. He wrote in one of his articles that you need to take care of the availability of five resources before starting any new project, which called “THE 5 M’s RESOURCES” : (Manpower, Materials, Machines, Money, and Management). Keep in your mind, that any shortage or missing in one of these resources, will result in the delay or failure of the project. If you can successfully take care of these aspects, there is nothing that can stop you from winning.

Track your Project

The most important job in the task of management starts when you are done with three initial steps: 1. arranging what you need for your project, 2. have figured out how you would be going about it, and 3. have finally launched your project. When you are done with these three steps, you need to keep a track of everything that is going on. You need to look for any possible loopholes in project design and resolve it immediately. This stage of your project needs keen attention and requires mental effort.


The last stage of the course is your encounter with the outcome. If the cycles end with a result that pays off all your efforts well, all you have to do is to celebrate with your team. But remember that despite all your efforts, there is always a chance that you may not get an outcome that you expected. Make sure that if that happens to you, you handle it well.

Failures are the lessons and you need to treat them right just like you do with success.

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