Love History? Check out the Hopewell Theatre!

Vaudevillian theaters were popular in the United States throughout the 1920s, and several theaters sprouted up across the country. These theaters housed cultural performances and community gatherings, but many of them suffered after the rise of talking pictures and again with the competition of multiplex cinemas. Hopewell theatre is one of those on the other hand, is experiencing an influx of people eager in viewing and learning about the performing arts. So if you are looking for the most notable performing arts theater, New Jersey for watching plays, musicals, and live performances, Hopewell Theater welcomes you!

Over the past 135 years, the Hopewell Theater has been reimagined numerous times, with significant interior and exterior design alterations. Despite this, the facility has always been a place that has welcomed and served the community as an arts venue and gathering place. 

Hopewell Theater is an indie arts venue and a gathering place — a place where patrons may meet friends and be inspired by an eclectic mix of entertainment by emerging and established talent in a welcoming, relaxed, intimate, and enjoyable setting. We show indie films, live music, comedy, and performances in our 180-seat theater. HT is a place where everyone may feel at ease, with adjustable seating options ranging from intimate banquette table sitting to typically fixed theater seats, as well as a balcony overlooking the stage.

HT promotes community involvement. Our patrons can interact with the artists and each other here, as well as dine on locally sourced meals and continue the discourse long after the concert has ended. HT strives to assist our local creative economy by offering our stage and screen for co-presented events to non-profit community cultural organizations such as Hopewell Valley Arts Council, Hopewell Library, and Princeton Public Library. Our theater is also accessible for private event rentals to local filmmakers, musicians, and artisans. To support the borough’s commerce and community, HT gets as much of our menu as feasible locally.

New Jersey has many other theaters like The Edison Valley Playhouse and The State Theatre New Jersey, but none can boast of the rich historical legacy that Hopewell theater can. The plethora of artforms and variety of live performances that Hopewell Theater hosts isn’t comparable to any other in New Jersey. The Hopewell Theater has the best in class lighting and acoustic system to provide the best experience. Apart from the traditional live theatre format, The Hopewell Theater is not afraid to embrace the present cultures. Hence, it is a dine-in theatre as well. The culture of community involvement and the philanthropic vision of giving back to the community by supporting local artists makes The Hopewell theatre, not only a historical theatre by the virtue of its century-old presence but also by its culture. Hopewell Theater also benefits from its favorable location in the city.


Live theater is one of the oldest art forms used both for education and entertainment. With a legacy as rich as the art itself, Hopewell Theater New Jersey provides an eclectic mix of live comedies, music, performance, an in-house restaurant as well as a dine-in theatre for every enthusiast and novice in New Jersey. So, whether you are searching for traditional live performances or a dine-in movie theatre NJ, Hopewell Theater should be your destination!

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