Managing a Daycare Center Just Got Easier with SkyChildCare

Daycare services are a great way for people to apply the entrepreneurial spirit to a business that works well and helps many in their community! Daycare providers need to be plentiful because nobody wants to drop their toddler off at a facility with hundreds of other kids. Instead, the focused, personal care of a moderate number of kids is the safest and healthiest situation for all involved. This means that there should be plenty home daycare providers and childcare centers, especially in highly-populated areas.

Just because daycare services can be plentiful doesn’t mean they should be poorly managed. SkyChildCare offers a cloud-based daycare management solution that can help turn your childcare center into a world-class facility. Even if your business is already setup and running smoothly, this mobile-friendly website and app can make various aspects of your administrative work much more efficient. You’ll be left with a lot more time to focus on what matters: the children in your care and your staff. Here’s how it all works:


  • Enrollment. Keeping track of children is challenging, and we’re not just talking about when they’re crawling around on the floor. For every child on your enrollment list, you’ll have a lot of information to keep track of: dietary requirements, guardianship issues, financial and tuition records, family notes about vacations and scheduled absences, and countless other little details. What’s more, you’ve got prospective children to keep track of, including information about when parents are planning a visit, a record of your communications and quoted prices, etc. SkyChildCare allows you to keep all of this information in one place, and since it’s all in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere and from any common device. Once enrolled, SkyChildCare offers online tuition collection at no extra cost to your monthly subscription. A small fee per transaction is applied – a true low-cost option for tuition processing.
  • Classes. Anyone who has managed a daycare knows that as you grow, this category can get very complex. Many home daycare providers start with children of all ages in one class, but as you grow it can be helpful to create class segments by age and developmental level. With SkyChildCare, providers can create unique classes, assign teachers and staff, apply rates, and even make an easy reference of which kids are supposed to be in which class. All of this information is endlessly variable and customizable, so you’ll be able to contain all the information you need for orderly classes, and keep your staff on board at the same time.
  • Manage Staff. Whether you have one employee or 100, SkyChildCare can help you managing your staffing. You can input schedules, easily make changes, maintain certifications, manage payroll, and many other options. Your employees will never have to wonder when they’re supposed to work as SkyChildCare helps you communicate. Childcare facilities that switch to SkyChildCare from an old software solution (or…egads…from a paper system) immediately see the difference. This cloud-based model makes communication between you and your staff way, way easier.

It’s possible that until you try SkyChildCare, you won’t understand what a difference it can make in the life of your facility. It’s convenient and affordable to start – if you’re a home-based daycare provider, then it’s free! There’s no software to download. SkyChildCare is immediately intuitive; you’ll be able to input all of your business’s information in no time. So don’t let inefficiency and outdated communication standards hold back your business. Let SkyChildCare take it to the next level instead.

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