Mountit! – The Genius Gizmo That Surfers LOVE

For countless surfers around the world, surfing is more than a hobby or an activity, it’s a proud culture and a way of life that should be celebrated every day. When handled with mastery, the board, surfer, and wave become one – there’s no feeling quite like it. Mountit surfboard wall mount honor that sensation and every surfer’s best friend, his board …

We provide an eye-catching, safe, and simple way to store and display your surfboard on any wall in your home, studio, or office. From Mini-Malibu’s to Longboards, Mountit wall mounts are the surfers’ choice for displaying and storing their most prized possessions.

Secure your board to a wall as a 3D display and a handy space-saver.Mountit securely holds your board while allowing you to position it for a super cool 3D effect, and it’s easy to mount and adjust to your preference.

Mountit surfboard mount are built to last in Wellington, New Zealand and shipped internationally for free. All production is done by hand and with custom-built machinery in our own workshop.

Keep the freedom of the wind, sun, and waves close-by at all times with Mountit surfboard wall mounts!

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