OptionRobot – A Different Tool

The other day I heard a friend talking about OptionRobot, he started telling me how great this new tool was and that he started out by curiosity and ended up having a good time. He then continued telling me all about it, how it works what is it and every bit of information he knew about the tool so that I could try it too. I have to admit at the time I was amazed and to be honest I still am, I’m excited to try it out but before I do that I wanted to share with all of you first hand this info before I go any further. I believe in helping friends as mine helped me so here are a few words on the new tool.

This tool is supposed to be a trading robot. Most of them offer one of two things and that is automated trades or signals. For those who don’t know what these are here is the short version. Automated bots will take over all of your trades and make most of the decisions for you while signalling will announce you through visual or sound effects of the opportune moment to trade. This tool is a combination of both, so it has automated trades and signalling.


In the meantime I’ve done a bit of my own research and that is the smartest way to start something in the binary options world. All veteran traders know that you have to do your own research if you wish to be 100% secure. Security is what I want to talk about here because there have been a lot of scams done in the last couple of years, people have lost a lot of money and worst of all they’ve lost hope. So the big question here’s this: “Is optionrobot a scam or not?”.

The answer is simple, no, it is not a scam. But how do I know what and why should you believe it? Beside the fact that I’m writing this  optionrobot review to help you I want to share a couple of points on the subject that I have discovered personally. My friend that told me about this tool has been using it for some time now, there would be no reason for him to lie to me. This software is being regulated by financial agencies and that means only one thing. They have headquarters somewhere, a legitimate one not some fiction mambo jumbo others feed you. Going further into the subject we can see that the brokers it has available for use in their list are all legitimate very well-known and award winning companies.


It seems to be the complete pack a binary option trader needs in order to succeed and that is why I think this tool is worth a shot. I’m not saying this is the only way but after years of trying I think this might be where we stop at least for a while.

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