Ronald Winston’s Passion For Success

There are many reasons why someone would go into the family business, but only a few are able to take it the next level.  For this person, there was no resting on the successes of the past, but bringing it to greater height which is especially difficult to do in the retail business.

In addition this person has a passion for science, literature and helping others.  He graduated from Harvard in 1963 with a degrees in chemistry and English. From there he went to NYU, in New York City to study rocket propulsion. From there he went into the family business at the request of his father in 1965.

Ronald Winston is this person, born on January 10, 1941, the son of Harry Winston, the famous jeweler to the super rich and famous. His first love was the sciences but he appreciated what his father had done and wanted to continue the family business and its legacy. He learned whatever he could from his father and the rest he learned on his own. His background in science also helped him when it came to the gems and how they were cut.

He and his brother Bruce lived on Fifth Ave in Manhattan with their father Harry and their mother, Edna while growing up.  It was pretty evident that Ronald was going to be a success in life as he excelled at sports and science. At the age of 47 he trained for the Olympic 100-yard dash.

While working in the family business with his father, his still pursed his love for science, in fact he had a workshop lab above the famous Fifth Ave store, where he was developing a space-age metal alloy for watches. Utilizing his science background he invented several tools and computer programs to assist the evaluation of rough diamonds and improving the way  to cut them.

In June of 1986 Ronald was appointed to the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science by then President Ronald Regan.

He is a private person that does not like to be photographed, some of this was due to the Lloyds of London policy, where a couple of members from a famous family in the jewellery business were kidnapped and held for ransom for six weeks.

Ronald Winston is man, with a dry sense of humor who is courteous, loves his antiques, and takes his wealth in a very composed and relaxed manner, not wanting to bring attention to himself. He considers himself a Renaissance man who is obsessed with Japanese culture, studying Zen philosophy. In fact he  learned to speak Japanese and spends time in a small Japanese garden he has at home. With that said, he strongly believes in a hard work ethic.

Being  retired from the day to day business activities of the jewellery business, he spends time with his family raising his son, but he still had projects he wanted to focus on.  He has worked with the Institute For Human Genetics and Bio Chemistry, a private research foundation he founded more than 37 years ago. The Institute is affiliated with Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the laboratory is at Cabrini Medical Center,  where they have made many breakthroughs in AIDs research trying to find a non vaccine cure,  which he is passionate about. He is one who took his passions and love of family to heart and succeeded every step of the way.

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