The Best Age to Start Lifting Weights

Acquiring muscle mass is essential for your body. Muscles play a significant role in providing you with the perfect body balance. You will also obtain the strength needed to carry out strenuous tasks. Working out is one of the ideal ways to get the kind of muscle mass you need. You can try out strength-training exercises that will aid you in reaching this goal.
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There has been a never-ending debate about what age one should start strength-training or weightlifting exercises. Many have been reprimanded for subjecting their kids to such exercises at an early age. Well, different experts have their own views about the matter. Some state an entirely different age from their counterparts.

Ages 12-17

A lot of fitness experts have noted that the right time for a child to start lifting weights is between the ages of 12 to 17 when they are somewhat grown. However, this comes with the disclaimer that parents must assess the physical state of their children. Look at their bodies to make sure they have all the attributes required to lift any weight. They should have the strength needed to lift various types of weights. You can gauge them by giving them small tasks like carrying some objects in your house to find out if such exercises are suitable for them.

Gauge Their Strength

Gauging their strength before starting this kind of workout is also vital for their safety. Weightlifting has been linked to stunted growth in children. Some claim that one can never grow big or tall if she or he started weightlifting at too young an age. However, most experts have dismissed this as a myth, stating that strength training at such a young age will lead to balanced and proper growth. It also keeps young people fit to try out different types of sports like weightlifting.


The age of 12 to 17 is considered the best because that is when most kids start maturing or reaching puberty, and this is also when muscle development really begins for them. Parents are advised not to force this type of exercise on their kids. Let them do it out of interest. Otherwise, it could be more of a punishment for them.

Limit Weights and Entertain Them

You also need to limit the kind of weights you give your child. Start with weights they can lift and advance as they go. Forcing extra weights on them will only result in injuries. You should also keep them engaged by making these sessions lively and entertaining. Let them feel entertained as they carry out the exercises.
Having a dull session will only lead them to become tired very fast. The other thing you should do is monitor their progress. Look at the kind of gains they have made within a specific period to evaluate their progress. Weightlifting is safe for your child. Introduce them to it at the right stage of puberty and guide them through it.

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