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If you enjoy watching the show, “The Simpsons,” then you must have heard the term “Simpsonize Me.” Like you, a lot of fans have always looked for ways to identify with the show. Back in the days, we used to see people wearing T-shirts branded with a picture of one of the members of The Simpsons family. It may as well be portable keepsakes or other small items which bear something relating to the show. Over time, as technology advanced and the internet became a dynamic tool, more ways to identify with the show have emerged. Right on the internet, you can create a Simpson character using your picture. There are tons of websites on which you can get this done; the most popular being the Simpsonize Me website itself but there are other alternatives. This article will be a review of the top 3 Simpsonize Me alternatives and why they are our top choices.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  1. Make Me Yellow .photos (  is our top choice, and the most recommended Simpsonize Me Alternative website. The website offers a top notch look-a-like Simpson design and outstanding customer service. The website is also easy to use, user-friendly and renders your photos into your favorite character flawlessly. It takes a maximum of a week to get your image done, and express delivery could be done in one day, also with Make Me Yellow you are sure to be 100% satisfied as you have access to unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied.

Here is my portrait I did for myself, cool right?


  1. Looking (

Looking Yellow, is our second choice Simpsonize Me Alternative. Looking Yellow offers an awesome website and service delivery. As long as you send a clear face and body photo, you are sure to receive a high quality and high-resolution JPG file that can be printed in any size. You sure will be pleased with their services.

  1. Make Me (

Make Me Yellow has a great website through which you can order directly for six your Simpsonize Me images. The website, is easy to use, and the outcome of every Simpsonize Me rendering is always great. They provide a wide range of backgrounds (over 50) and can as well draw for you a custom background.

On each of the above listed websites, their service offerings are somewhat similar and the process of getting your photos Simpsonized is pretty much standard. From payment, to submission of photos and delivery. If you still don’t know where to go to Simpsonize your photos, check out any of our top three listed websites.

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