How Top Students Are Learning Better Than Others

Technology has changed the way students are learning different subjects. Always being online culture is proving to be beneficial for a majority of students. Reports suggest that students are getting distracted from the host of online platforms that offer free entertainment all the time. Like all good things in life, technology can also be leveraged for good and bad. It entirely depends on the choices you make in life. Competency Based Education is one such choice that universities and students are making to improve the education system.

According to a recent survey conducted by Writers Per Hour, technology has the potential to create a new business model that is efficient and affordable for students and provide the economy of scale to the universities. Competency-based education is one of the new delivery models that is being touted as the next alternate business model for the traditional education system. Competency-based Education (CBE) is the system of development of curriculum that makes time to learn competency variable whereas the expectations about learning are kept constant. The role of educators is adjusted to increase the teacher to student ratio without compromising the quality of education. The students demonstrate the competencies through a series of learning exercises, checklists, activities, and experiences. They earn credentials by showing their competencies through several forms of assessments.

According to a well-known educationist, “the competency-based education is the next revolution in the American Education system that puts greater emphasis on learning by doing.” CNS News reported that “the American education system is failing its young mind. Many Americans are not even aware of their country’s civics in addition to the majority of students scoring less in Mathematics and Physics.” This is a matter of great concern for the American citizens, and they need to tackle the situation by using the latest technology to deliver newer methods of teachings that interest students. CBE fits into the system as it gives personalized attention to every student with the help of advanced Information Technology.

The study also suggests that college students who leverage technology and writing services offered by firms such as Writers Per Hour tend to do better than others. This seems to indicate that the college students who are well versed with the technology will also earn better in future as organizations’ dependency on technology is only increasing.

For universities who have invested heavily in technology and Competency-based Education, they are expecting to break even in the 5th year of the new education program. The study claims that institutions that have implemented CBE will have their cost of education reduced by more than 50% by the 6th year of operation. That is a tremendous amount of saving for universities, a part of which can be passed onto the students.

This is a clear indication of the latest trend in the education sector that can create a paradigm shift in this space. While the students will learn faster and take more interest in studies, the reduction in the cost of education delivery will help both students as well as institutions. The CBE will encourage students to learn new skills at their desired pace. The teachers will take the aid of technology to focus on what matters to the students the most. That news should bring cheers to millions of parents as well as institutions.

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