What the Right Name Means To Your Business

How important is your company name? In a word: very. You could compare the name to the tantalizing sizzle of a steak. The right name attracts and holds attention. Many times, it is the potential customer’s first impression of your business. Some names are neutral or meaningless, while others are just plain unattractive. Ideally, a company name should embody a positive and apt image, something that represents what the company mission and message is. It should be contextual and keyword-rich. The right business name can be difficult to choose. Nowadays, however, you can find an apt, original business name with a free business name generator from Namify that utilizes the latest technology. Namify provides lists of unique and memorable names for your business. You can also check for domain and social handle availability with the corresponding business name. 

The Meaning of Names

If you doubt the importance of names, consider this fact not many people know: People with first names starting with the same letter of the alphabet tend to marry each other more often than those with different initials. Names tend to become a part of your self-image, your identity. Most people can pick their name out of an otherwise indecipherable buzz of conversation at a party. Salesmen make a point of using your name when they speak to you. Originally, many of our common surnames came from occupations, relationships, activities, or places where our ancestors lived. To mention just a few: Farmer, Rivers, Smith, Cooper, Johnson, Courier, Ford, Castle, Townsend.


In the sports arena, team names are usually picked to represent fierce, dangerous animals such as Tigers, Bears, or Jaguars. There are exceptions, usually animals or occupations that are endemic or representative of a certain area. (Baltimore Orioles, for example, or Green Bay Packers.) Other names just have very positive connotations. Why do we call famous athletes or celebrities “stars”? Or name a team the Houston Astros? Stars are shining positive symbols that have guided people for thousands of years at night. 

Names that Became Universal Success Stories

For a company in business, it is important to pick a name that is congruent with the company goal or mission. Now, many terrific names have already been taken and are protected by trademark law. Some names become representative of an entire category of products. Think Coke, for example. Or Kleenex. These companies had products that were so successful that the product name came to represent an entire generic category of products. That’s a goal for a business to aim at!

Critical Business

There are a number of critical business decisions that need to be made when a business is started. What kind of tax and financial entity will the business be? What about choosing a company logo? The right logo is very important to a business. Picking an image to be associated with the company is a vital decision. Scientists have discovered that many words bring to mind images when we read them or speak them aloud. So the business name, especially if the meaning is well-chosen, may bring an apt, congruent image to your potential customer’s mind, as well.

Getting It All Right

The right name can help boost the company image. It’s a vital piece of the business puzzle. With it, a company makes the beginning of a statement of competence and congruence. The right name is only a beginning, of course. (Namify’s free business name generator can help there.) That statement has to be backed up by great products and/or services and efficient management. Also, it’s absolutely essential to get that name out there, too, so it is seen and heard and known. If you put all the necessary pieces together: innovation, product, service, name, logo, and publicity, it’s even possible your business name could become a common household term someday.

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