White vs. Black: What Color Pearls Are for You?

If we were to create an entire list with all of the reasons we love pearls, we would probably end up writing a book (with several volumes, mind you). When it comes to jewelry, pearls are the ultimate mirror of finesse, poise and grandeur. It’s no wonder why some of the most prominent female figures in history were absolutely in love with pearls; they were a perfect reflection of their radiant personalities. In contemporary society, pearls remain a symbol of prosperity and luxury, just like they were regarded in Victorian times. In addition to this, the wide variety of pearls to choose from makes them fit for any style and preferences.

If you didn’t already know, pearls come in all sorts of different colors, aside from their classic creamy variety. By accessing online shops like Pearls Only, you benefit from quite a few shades of pearls to choose from, such as sophisticated rosé, glamorous gold, sheer silver or, one of the most popular varieties, luxurious black. With so many hues to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? We will present the features for both white and black pearls below, in order for you to get a better idea of which one represents your personality the best. Keep in mind that you can find both types, as well as other colors, on the website mentioned above, so enjoy learning about them and have fun shopping!

Innocence, Purity, Femininity: White

The classic pearl is defined by white. Symbols of innocence, purity and femininity, white pearls have been adorned by aristocracy ever since Victorian times (and well before that, for that matter). The white pearl is ideal for the gentle woman who doesn’t walk, but rather strolls, who doesn’t talk, but articulates, who doesn’t stare, but who gazes. Many white pearls have more of a creamy shade, which enhances their soft-looking and premium appearance. Furthermore, white pearls look strikingly beautiful against darker skin tones, so we recommend this variety if you fall under this category. On Pearls Only, you can find necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets all with white pearls, as well as designer pieces and special sets with multiple pieces of jewelry included.

Allure, Distinction, Mystery: Black

If you are not the average woman that society would like you to be, black pearls are for you. The luxurious Tahitian black pearls convey a world full of mystery, distinction and allure. These eye-catching dark colored pearls are grown in the French Polynesia, in islands such as Tahiti. They are rarer than most types of pearls, making them highly valued on the pearl market. Their origins make you think of exotic and expensive getaways to some of the most heavenly places on earth, while adorning an irreplaceable piece of black pearl jewelry. A black pearl jewelry set in contrast with pale skin will give off a supreme elegance that no other jewel really can level up to. If you define yourself as an exquisite and daring woman, black pearls are certainly for you.

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