Using Predictive Maintenance to Help You Plan

While many people have a tendency to use the terms “predictive maintenance” and preventative maintenance” interchangeably, the fact is they are not the same. It can get even more confusing when the term “TPM” is thrown into the equation. These initials stand for “total productive maintenance” which is a bit different than either predictive or preventative maintenance. Predictive maintenance deals ...

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Home Improvements that Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Most modern people spend more of their life in their own home than any other environment. So the home has great influence over your physical and mental health. Various aspects of its design, furnishings, lighting and products that you use, can help or hurt your health. No matter if your home is large or small, here are some things you ...

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Why It Is Important to Protect Water Sources

It can be easy for people to forget just how much water there is on the planet. It is estimated that 75 percent of the planet is water. That includes the water in oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Every single one of these sources of water are a essential to life on this planet. But you might ask, why ...

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Know Hair Transplant Stats & Success Rates


Hair transplant is a process or technique that is practiced to move hair follicles to a bald scalp. The part of the human head that contains the hair is known as donor site while the bald scalp part is called the recipient site. Hair transplantation is commonly done to males who have male pattern baldness; however it can also be ...

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Caribbean Food Breana Johnson

Where can you find local food with European, American, Latin, and African influences? The Caribbean, of course! Caribbean food is one of the most international cuisines in the world, and nobody knows how to make it better than the locals. Take a short stroll away from the bustling tourism districts of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, and you will ...

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Hiring A Corporate Magician & Mentalist From Scott Xavier

Corporate Magician

Hiring a corporate magician & mentalist can give your business an unfair advantage to stand out and impact your guests. From cocktail functions to trade shows, how do you set your corporate event apart? Scott Xavier is the name Fortune 500 meeting planners call upon to excite events. From reading minds to levitating small objects from your hand, reality melts ...

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Malnutrition and Its Effects

Malnutrition, or lack of proper nutrition which can result in a host of physical ailments, is one of the greatest problems the world faces today. Two billion people in the world experience malnutrition in various forms everyday, and it is seen as the number one cause of a host of various health problems. Additionally malnutrition is responsible for 1/3 of ...

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The Worst Cities in the World to Get Stuck in Traffic

Get Stuck in Traffic

In many, if not all, urban communities, heavy traffic is often seen as an inevitable aspect of daily life. There’s just no way around it, particularly during the morning grind and the evening rush hour, when all the cars seem to be on the road, jostling for very limited space. However, if you think you have it bad where you ...

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Three Best VPN In China

VPN In China

The most convenient way to bypass the Chinese Firewall is to employ a VPN service which serves in China. VPN is a short form of Virtual Private Network, a service which encrypts and then redirects all of your internet traffic. Though the Chinese government always does its best to control internet access even by blocking VPN provider sites, however, the ...

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